Blue Lives

Police Officer Holds BabyIn this week’s spotlight I wish to take a moment to address the nature of law enforcement. We have recently seen officers literally lured to locations and then ambushed. No matter what you might think about your local police, stop for a moment and think about what sort of world we would have without them.

Rule of Law

History has a lot to tell us about states of lawlessness, and most of us would prefer to live in a country of laws. Unfortunately, there seems to be no limit on the hate groups today intent on killing all of us, but when internal groups begin to target our own police, it’s time for all of us to stand up against this nonsense!

When a group features Internet posts encouraging violence against any of us, we need to object. Even if you are sympathetic to some of their causes, when posts urge killing innocents, it’s incumbent on every one of us to disengage any and all direct or indirect participation in said group. Hate groups, racists organizations, and other activist who promote violent rhetoric should be marginalized in every manner legally available to the public. If we fail to stand up and defend our police, we are asking for a military state or complete chaos.

Not every law enforcement officer is perfect, but the fact is, they are far more perfect as a population than most other professions. Medical doctors make more lethal mistakes than law enforcement by far. When a cop makes a mistake, they are tried in a court of law just like any criminal. The fact is, as a law enforcement official you must always be aware that your every action could result in criminal or civil liability, and yet you are required to act, and to do so quickly, in order to protect and serve the public.

Serve and Protect

So here’s my two-part suggestion. First, if you have supported a group in the past that is now promoting violence of any kind, then disengage and let them know why you are withdrawing any and all support. Second, when you see a police officer, thank them for what they do. More and more today, our local police are called upon as our soldiers serving abroad, to deal with a hostile intent on killing as many of them as possible. Think about that. How would you like it if a loved family member served in law enforcement and you knew that every day they risked life and limb, and may not be coming home tonight. So again, pause and thank them for their service just as you do our vets.

My thoughts anyway.
As always, thanks for the read and I appreciate your feedback.

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor
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