Spirituality as a Tool for Mind Control

What Consumes Your Mind Controls You Life written on desert roadThis week I wish to discuss something that will no doubt bring about considerable controversy, and that is the role religion and spirituality potentially play in orchestrating mass behavior. We are all familiar with the history of the crusades and today of the holy war being carried out by some against the designated infidel. To many in the world, we in the Western civilization are indeed the infidels! As such, it is easy to witness the horrors of hard brain washing—the kind that insists heaven is but a moment away when you blow up those perverse infidels; but there is also a soft form of brain washing as well that infects many worldwide.

A Course in Miracles and MK-Ultra Mind Control?

Please allow me to flesh that out some. Recently I was asked about the connection between the Course in Miracles and CIA mind control. This may come as a shock to many of you, but Dr. William Thetford, co-scribe of what many consider to be a modern day bible, also co-headed the CIA’s MK Ultra mind control project number 130 between 1971 and 1978 while at Columbia University. Now project 130 was all about personality and MK Ultra was only about mind control. 1

The source of the Course in Miracles is said to be none other than Jesus Christ channeling the contents. What disturbs some is the fact that the Course was scribed during the period that Thetford was working on Project 130. This connection has troubled many for the Course teaches the formation of a personality based on denial of this plane as real. It further instructs the reader to not only practice denying the reality of the physical world but to recognize that the only thing that really matters is the eternal, for only the eternal is real. It encourages one to bear the burdens of life striving only for the manifest realization that love is all there is.

Now I could continue with more general descriptions, but the bottom line comes down to the opposite of say what one might find suggested in Ayn Rand’s work, “Atlas Shrugged.” In plain talk, we should all be content with what’s best for the social good of all and allow those who know best, the ruling elite of course, to make those decisions for us. There is not only no need for a ‘John Galt’, but rather an abhorrence of men who might dare to stand up and challenge the notion that a few elite concerned with the welfare of all, are actually in a position to make these decisions for us. After all, they only have our best interest at heart.

Political Expediency

I’m not saying that the Course in Miracles is the product of MK Ultra or some other insidious scheme developed by the CIA or others. You can do your own research and come to your own conclusions on this, or any other doctrine, for that matter. What I am saying is that the soft side of brain washing is really a lure that we swallow willingly because it holds out to us a promise that sounds too good to be real. The problem is, often what sounds too good to be real just isn’t real! I used the Course in Miracles here as an example of how this might be accomplished, but history shows us if this were true, it wouldn’t be the first time religion, promises of salvation, were used to orchestrate a cohesive society willing to follow the piper wherever the piper might go. Political expediency has often led the arm of religious salvation.

So the next time you give your spiritual practice a thought, be truly sincere. Does it make a better human being out of you, one willing to champion the poor and the helpless, one willing to defend the rights of others to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, one who honors a creator worthy of the title Divine by acting as though the spark of the Divine resides within you, and one who recognizes the spiritual duty, the absolute inviolate trust, to live with integrity in all manners of being?

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Eldon Taylor

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1 A Course in Miracles and MK-Ultra Mind Control