The Lies We Live

LieIn today’s spotlight issue we turn our attention to the lies we live. There are things that we simply do not want to believe or deal with, so we lie to ourselves even when we know it’s a lie. As such, we tell ourselves things everyday, at least in our actions, which violate our own knowing. Call it rationalization, denial, or just plain old wishful thinking, we nevertheless perpetuate the same old lies over and over again.

Things We Don’t Want to Believe

For example, let’s think about those so-called conspiracy theories to begin with. We didn’t want to believe that our government illegally spied on us, or that tobacco companies deliberately added addictive chemicals to our cigarettes, or that our government smuggled guns to Mexico, or that our CIA was implicated in drug smuggling, or that our Intelligence agencies had a “heart attack” gun, or that the NSA was storing our cell phone calls, GPS records and so forth. We didn’t want to believe that the FBI poisoned alcohol during prohibition, or that our government would use 600 poor black men in Tuskegee, Alabama, to experiment with syphilis, or that our government was undertaking geoengineering—shooting huge amounts of “porus walled glass microspheres” as an example of just one of the things injected into our atmosphere.

Don’t Worry–Be Happy
None of us want to worry about matters seemingly beyond our control, so we trust our food is clean and safe, our drugs have been proven effective, our doctors know what they’re doing and they care most about healing us, our drug companies have our best interest at heart, etc., etc.! The fact is, we go about our lives living as though we whole heartedly believe that the main stream media is telling us the truth, that food prices continue to rise because of the natural force we call inflation, that chemical food additives are all tested and proven safe, that we can rely on the CDC for reliable and safe vaccines even if they contain mercury, that GMOs are safe to eat and good for the planet, that the history taught our children in public schools is an accurate representation of the facts, that organic produce is a waste of money, that swallowing fluoride is good for babies and children, that commercial pet foods are healthy and nutritious, that the radiation problem arising from Fukushima isn’t anything to be concerned about, etc., etc.!

Stop and Think
Stop and think. Do you really believe this sort of stuff or are you just pretending, acting as though you do—living out your life like everyone else and trusting that if there is a problem, someone else will deal with it.

It may surprise you, unless you’ve read my work or listened to our show Provocative Enlightenment for a while, but the hard data based on several different designs shows clearly that the more people know of a problem, including a violent crime in progress, the less likely anyone is to do anything about it. This has been called the Genovese Effect. My question to you: “If you don’t truly believe all these lies, what are you doing about them?”

I have said before, there are three Cs in life. Choice, chance and change! You must choose to change and that requires taking a chance—for change doesn’t come about by doing the same thing over and over or by doing nothing at all!

Thanks for the read and as always, I truly appreciate your comments and feedback.

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor
Provocative Enlightenment
NY Time Bestselling Author of Choices and Illusions