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  • Eldon Taylor - Choices and Illusions
    Choices and Illusions
    Inside every human being is an eternal
    truth and a life purpose. Using our mind
    power is simply starting the engine on
    that path toward highest self-actualization.
    — Eldon Taylor
    Excerpted from Choices and Illusions
  • Eldon Taylor - Mind Programming
    Mind Programming
    Not only is our reality a matter
    of choice but so is the power we give it.
    — Eldon Taylor
    Excerpted from Mind Programming
  • Eldon Taylor - What Does That Mean?
    What Does That Mean? by Eldon Taylor
    Life has many twists and turns, and seldom
    do we find the road to be straight and
    narrow. The same can be said for the
    choices we have to make.
    — Eldon Taylor
    Excerpted from What Does That Mean?
  • Eldon Taylor - What If?
    What If? by Eldon Taylor
    Knowing ourselves is a journey—an
    exploration—and one that demands
    we risk being wrong about everything
    we think that we know or believe.
    — Eldon Taylor
    Excerpted from What If?
  • Eldon Taylor - Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology
    Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology by Eldon Taylor
    Visualization should be a part of every day.
    By seeing a successful, rewarding day upon
    awakening, we’re more likely to have one.
    — Eldon Taylor
    Excerpted from Self-Hypnosis
    and Subliminal Technology
  • Eldon Taylor - Sheeple
    Gotcha! The Subordination of Free Will
    You are created with such an awesome
    potential to manifest your given talents,
    to face and overcome all challenges,
    to rise to a level of human existence
    that honors you and your creator.
    — Eldon Taylor
    Excerpted from Gotcha!
    The Subordination of Free Will

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Hello and Welcome

Eldon Taylor

It is my philosophy that we are blessed with the ability to think. It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to do just that. To begin we must ask the first question, “Who am I?” When we truly begin this self-examination process, we typically discover that who we think we are is actually based on how our society has defined us. Indeed, one of my favorite questions today goes like this, “What was your last truly original thought?”

When I ask this question I typically receive the same answer—silence. Why is that? The bottom line comes down to the simple fact that we have been largely programmed. Programmed to believe certain things, to think in certain ways, to behave according to acceptable standards, to obey, to conform and so forth. One of my favorite authors, Og Mandino, writing in the last century, puts it this way:

One of the painful prices we are paying for our so-called modern lifestyle in more alike. We all suffer through the same television shows, read the same magazines, wear the same fashions, and buy the same new frozen foods. We all live and die by the clock, cut each other off in similar looking automobiles, pass up a night at the ballgame for a night at the office, never seem to have much time for our spouses or kids, watch helplessly as our oceans and lakes are poisoned, and try not to think of a hydrogen bomb landing anywhere near our city or town.

We are all, as years pass, falling into step in order to march to the beat of the same drummer, racing forward or backward at the same pace as all others, smiling almost on command—mass-produced beings with no more individuality than any of the millions of saltine crackers that emerge daily from the ovens of Nabisco.

This description has only deepened in meaning in our 24-7 information age that tends all to often to be literally the age of propaganda; indeed, perhaps more aptly stated, the age of mediaocracy.

The answer to the question, “Who am I?” then takes on a different meaning when you realize the extent to which we have been programmed, and yet life itself calls upon us to accept the miracle that we are. Life is indeed a miracle and so are you!

I encourage you to become mindful and genuinely examine yourself, your ideas, your beliefs, and especially all of those self-imposed limitations that in most cases are false to fact. I believe that inside every human being is a vast resource that typically goes untapped—left wasted through neglect for no other reason than self-doubt. I believe in you!

I believe that the way we give back to the Giver of this miracle is by being all that we can be, by doing our best at everything we do and by recognizing the miracle in all life. It is from this perspective that I truly wish for you the dignity, bounty and blessings that are yours by birthright as part of the miracle.

Thank you,

Eldon Taylor

Special Events

Life Beyond Death - Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Life Beyond Death

We've all heard stories about near death experiences and afterlife encounters, but is there enough evidence to hold true in the criteria used by our court system - beyond a reasonable doubt - that personal consciousness survives death? Join Eldon in this provocative new series where you, the listening audience, become the jury. But be advised, in your search for the truth, you may well find some of your favorite theories disproved! More Info.



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